Customize the look and feel of Gmail with Gmelius [Chrome, Firefox, Opera]

Gmelius for Chrome Firefox OperaOut of all the free email services out there, I still prefer Gmail because it has most (if not all) of the features that I’m looking for. Nonetheless, I do think that it could become even better if it would allow its users to add, tweak or remove some elements from its user interface. This way, users can easily customize their Gmail inbox in such a way that would best suit their preferences. Anyhow, this option may not be available in Gmail’s default settings but it can still be made possible for as long as you have Gmelius – a free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Gmelius, pronounced as ‘Gmail’-‘ius”, is a free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The sole purpose of this extension is to help you achieve a cleaner, smarter and better-looking Gmail inbox. With the help of this extension, you can easily add, tweak or remove some unnecessary elements from your Gmail user interface. This includes the ads, people widget, chats, etc. Speaking of which, below is a list of the things that you can do with Gmelius for Gmail:

  • remove any unnecessary ads (top, right, bottom ads)
  • make Gmail header (the logo and search block) visible on-demand
  • restore the old compose window
  • print cleaner emails
  • remove the “People Widget”
  • customize the navigation icons (you can choose between buttons only or buttons with text)
  • add a subtle row highlight
  • homogenize the appearance of incoming emails
  • add attachment icons and change their placement from left to right (or vice versa)
  • disable the “consider including” option
  • add option to “auto-scroll” to top of Inbox
  • move labels from the left side to the right side of your inbox
  • automatic de-obfuscation of email addresses (turn name [at] email [dot] com to
  • remove other diverse elements such as chats, chat statuses, Google + activity, footers, etc.


  • Easy to use, easy to configure
  • Easy to install/uninstall
  • Can easily improve or enhance the appearance and functionality of your Gmail account by adding, removing or tweaking some essential features or elements
  • Feature-packed – you have lots of options to choose from
  • Can smoothly integrate itself with your Gmail account/s – it won’t cause your Gmail to crash or lag
  • Non-obtrusive
  • Works on Chrome, Firefox and Opera


  • None that I can think of but it would be nice if the extension would also support other browsers such as Safari, IE, Maxthon, etc. It would also be nice if it can extend its availability to other platforms such as Android, iOS, etc.


Gmelius Restores Old Compose WindowAs I have already mentioned earlier, Gmelius is a free browser extension that you can use to customize your Gmail UI. With this extension, you can add, remove or tweak its UI elements in such a way that would best suit your preferences.

The way how this extension works is also very simple. Just install it to your web browser and then select or check any of the items listed in its general and premium settings. The items listed mainly consists of options that would not only let you regain more space from your Gmail inbox but would also allow you to add or restore some essential features like the “Old Compose” option as well as the subtle row highlights and attachment icons. So as soon as you’re done, just save your settings and the changes will automatically take effect on all of your Gmail email accounts. It also doesn’t matter if you are simultaneously logged-in to multiple accounts. If you are using Chrome, you can access the extension’s settings by going to Tools > Extensions and then simply click the “Options” link right below the said extension.

With Gmelius, you will be able to gain more control over the things that you want to add, keep or remove from your Gmail UI. It’s a great solution for users who wish to personalize their Gmail space. Aside from this, this extension can smoothly integrate its features to your inbox. It also won’t cause you any troublesome issues plus you can easily restore your Gmail UI settings back to the way it used to be. If you’re worried about privacy, Gmelius has clearly stated in its official page that it will never access, store, read, alter or transmit your personal data.

All in all, I can say that Gmelius is very reliable extension. It will not only make your Gmail look cleaner, it will also make it more user-friendly and of course – ad-free. I just think that it would be much better if it could also extend its support to other web browser and mobile platforms other than Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Conclusion and download link

Gmelius offers a great solution for users who wish to personalize the look and feel of their Gmail inbox. It provides something that many avid Gmail users thought to be impossible to achieve. So if you still haven’t tried using this extension yet, go ahead and feel free to check it out.

Price: Free

Version reviewed:

Requires: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Mac OS X, or Linux

Gmelius homepage

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  1. Louis

    [@Louis] To be precise : It’s now a hit or miss affair – sometimes it does come up, and at other times you may get the default new compose window.
    When you do get the Old Compose window, it may work as usual, or more often than not the following issues occur : you can not type into the CC or BCC fields & you can only attach one file (or attached all on the first attempt, and then the ‘attach files’ icon disappears.
    This may be deliberately done by Gmelius to subtly encourage people to upgrade to the paid version (unlikely), or it may be due to a working problem from any of the recent auto-updated versions of Google Chrome (not sure if this issue also exist in other browsers).
    This is according to Gmelius in their Options page :
    “Restore Gmail Old Compose : Deprecated
    The Gmail Old Compose is not compatible with Google Hangouts, Google Voice, the majority of Gmelius Premium features, Boomerang, Streak, etc.
    It will slow down the initial loading of Gmail. Use this feature at your own risk! No support provided.

  2. jivadas

    I live in a garret room above a Canadian Mom&Pop Shop, crimsonsword, across the street from the Regent Park Housing Project in Toronto, I agree with David. More successful Ms&Ps might get on the cellphone world, but not the lady downstairs.

    gmelius is part of this _ghana.loka_ Cloud.World, where it is all up to you. There are several options about ads. I agree with crimsonsword about I am a Chrome-gGroup-gDesktop-gMail sort, myself. I live in Sanskrit World writing a book.

    The more google knows about my searches, the happier I am. I get routed to Moms&Pops selling ancient texts. And if I don’t want google to know where I have been, there are easy ways to cover your tracks.

    You have a choice of all these things. Open gmelius and a gMail page, so you can see the effect of all the new options. It becomes a design toy.


  3. David Roper

    Thanks, Kent. Great article on Gmail. I finally have my old Gmail back and I am loving it, ie Full screen, no ads, etc. crimsonsword, do not fear. We all love Mom and Pop stores and their advertising is by word of mouth. Google is not in the same league as you… for you are much higher in nearly all aspects of improving life for others.

  4. crimsonsword

    The problem with Gemelius is that you can strip away the ads that the email message generates.
    Gmail is provided free and Google makes money with the ads. So you are essentially depriving Google revenue. I have a small Pop&Mom store near where I live. They are a godsend and I want them to be profitable so they will be there long into the future. With Gemelius you are starting the erosion of Google’s long term presence.
    And I live in Bangalore, India. I believe in regulated capitalism. Cheers

  5. jivadas

    Yes, even an old fart entering his fourth quarter-century can manage that long list of possibilities in Kent’s article. All you do is insert your tick in whichever box you choose. All the possible changes are clearly explained.
    Florian Bersier, the young genius behind this gmail revolution “attends” Oxford University, but is employed also by gmelius (pronounced g.mail-ius). I suspect he is self employed. gmelius accepts donations.
    Florian is easy to find on the web, and at once appeals to geeks and girls and gays, on.account.of his brilliant mind, and his very hot good looks!


  6. jivadas

    O Kent! I just installed it.
    You didn’t mention that gmelius is a work of art, a work of genius, the work of an Oxford Don, and it is brilliantly easy to use. It is a playpen for old farts like me, who have nothing better to do.


  7. jivadas

    tuvm, Kent.
    I recall an unsuccessful attempt to restore Old Compose, a year or two ago. I tried it, but it did not work. Some time ago I got an email saying they were trying again. I did not jump.on the band.wagon….
    I’ll see how this one works. I too prefer Old Compose, who served me faithfully for a decade, till New Compose burst into my home and threw her out.