The reason why WatchDogs graphics suck [Comic]

watchdogs graphics

Rabid fanboys are yet again making a big deal out of nothing, when will it end? So much focus on resolution and graphics, as if consoles are PCs or something. Console gaming has become a place for clowns and man children, reason why I have switched to PC gaming.

[via Dorkly]

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  • blackbook

    Yeah some will never understand the concept. A great marketing gimmick.. produce console’s with mediocre GPU that’s ten year proof. Its all about squeezing the lemon with marketing. It’s mind blowing to assume any large company would build the best of the best. They want to make money look at mobile phone’s “now we offer a HD platform with a front facing camera omg everyone have the latest…3g, 4glte.ect. anyway not to get off the topic. Console’s and the software (games) have certain programing protocols enabled at parameter fault’s to disable frame rate in case of overload or crash. Aside from anisotropic filtering faults for the rendering to not cause unusual looking objects or thing’s. All the new generation console’s running native 1080 yeah…. or over 60fps… I don’t have watchdogs yet but I will go as far to say the graphics won’t be spectacular it’s a console its not gonna be 1440 realm. It’s gonna look like a gta5 redrawn on ps3 or 360. Don’t look forward to major graphical breakthroughs on console’s for anytime soon. At the end of the xb1,ps4’s lifespan in year’s the hardware will still never be pushed to its full potential without executing some sort of sacrifice. If you wish to enter a graphical Paradise build or buy a rig (PC) and you will be cured of consolisms. I myself an all around gamer PC mostly and console’s due to the game exclusives.

  • I hate you

    someone ban this page!!!