Microsoft OneNote is now free for everyone


Microsoft is going big with OneNote. The note-taking app and service has largely been a Windows-only affair, but now its launching its first ever Mac version. In addition to being cross-platform, OneNote is now going free for all users regardless of platform.

The Mac version of OneNote will look largely the same when compared to its Windows counterpart, with most differences being the UI elements that are inherent to each platform. A newly released API for OneNote has also been released, allowing developers to integrate its new clipping and sharing features. OneNote’s Clipper works just like Evernote’s own clipper, allowing users to save webpages for later use.

Microsoft OneNote is now available on Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and the web for free.

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  • kevbo

    + 1 for OneNote, one of the most useful things MS has done in years. The free Android app is a bonus for keeping things sync’ed.

  • Ashraf

    I’ve had access to OneNote for years now but I don’t see the use of it. Maybe I should look into it. Thanks Enrique!

    [@Steve Petrella] Thanks for the kind words :-)

  • CJ Cotter

    My employer has been using OneNote for about a year now, though it is not on my company-issued computer. Hope they didn’t fork out money for it. I’ll find out tomorrow.

  • Steve Petrella

    I’m not sure about other similar programs (Evernote, Springpad and the like), but I can’t say enough good things about OneNote. I’ve been using OneNote for quite some time. Granted, it isn’t free, but it’s always been available to me because of the wide use of MS Office products in my workplace(s). I started trying it when it first came out as part of Office 2003 and have increased usage of it over the years. Admittedly, my first ‘home’ copy was an unlicensed install from a multi-user work license (I did use it for ‘work’ at home). Since then, I have a legitimate license & am using the 2010 version.
    Currently, I have several individual notebooks for specific topics (Such as WORK, PERSONAL, COMPUTING, RECREATION etc.), and each is divided into numerous sections pertaining to that topic. I cram everything into OneNote. I’ve cut and pasted hundreds of articles from web pages for future reference, added pictures, diagrams, scanned images, links, to-do lists etc.- even a couple small videos. I have several password protected pages for account/financial info. You name it, it’s in there! There are probably a few thousand individual (searchable) pages of information accumulated over time-just shy of 1 GB of data. Of course, a lot of no longer needed and useless info, but that would mean work to clean it up!
    One great feature – I can carry all my information on a USB stick and synchronize every notebook between home and work. Every change made to a specific notebook at one location is made on the other as soon as I plug in the USB stick – additions and deletions included. I always have the information available even if not connected to the internet.
    I’m sure Microsoft has financial motivation to make it free, whatever that is. But I don’t blame them. They are after all, in business to make money. But, I highly recommend anyone to try out OneNote – especially now that it’s FREE!

    Oh, and by the way – keep up the great work Ashraf!