• marcW

    That would be wonderful!
    DotTech isn’t my start page , but I’m a daily visitor!
    Thank You

  • There probably isn’t anything on dotTech at the moment, but I might submit an article providing details on removing arrows from desktop shortcuts.

  • marcW

    @MatthewA : can you give some more info? Is there somewhere a guide for how to do this?
    Thanks for the answer , for you to Mike S.

  • You can also change the arrow via registry.

  • Mike S.

    [@marcW] If you’re talking about the arrow on shortcut icons, Windows won’t do this, as far as I know, but third-party software will. You can do a search engine search to find that software.

  • marcW

    Hello, this is not a comment but a question .
    Is it possible to remove the “arrow” from desktop icons?
    Thank You.