How to customize Excel spreadsheets with display options [Guide]

Whether you have a full Excel package or an Excel Starter alternative, there are numerous display options which you can customize your spreadsheets with. You can find them by clicking the File tab and then Options. Then select Advanced from the Excel Options window.

A variety of display options are on that window. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find display options for the Excel workbook and worksheets as in the shot below. They are largely check-box options some of which are already selected whilst others are not.

Excel display options

Among the display options are the Right-to-Left and Left-to-Right check-boxes. The default option is Left-to-Right with the row numbers on the left of the spreadsheet. However, if you click the Right-to-Left check-box the row numbers will be on the right side of the spreadsheet instead of the left as below.

Excel display options2

Excel shows cell values instead of their formulas. However, you can adjust them so that they display all the formulas in the spreadsheets instead. Click the Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated results check-box. Then the formulas will be more visible on the spreadsheet as in the shot below.

Excel display options3

Zero values are included within Excel spreadsheet cells. That is unless you click the Show a zero in cells that have zero value check-box to remove the tick from it. Then the spreadsheet cells will not include a zero value in them.

You can also show or remove gridlines from the spreadsheet documents. Click the Show Gridlines check-box to include them in the spreadsheet. Below that you can customize the color by clicking the Gridline color option, and choosing an alternative from the color palette. Below I’ve added a red gridline to the Excel spreadsheet.

Excel display options4

The Show page breaks option is another to note. Selecting that check-box adds page break lines to the Excel document that highlights the spreadsheet pages. That shows exactly which parts of the spreadsheet document will print on a full-page.

Excel display options5

Those are a few of the more notable display options that you can customize your spreadsheets with from the Excel Options window. You can select the options for an entire spreadsheet document, or just one of its sheets.

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