How to root ZTE Force 4G LTE on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich [Guide]

264938_boost_mobile_zte_force_4g_lte_no_contract_mobile_phone_74xljc7apyos4kw8wcg0o0wkoGot a ZTE Force 4G LTE that you’ve been dying to gain root access on? Say no more! This guide will teach you exactly how to gain root on your device, opening the door to being able to install custom roms and even mods! Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: This guide is intended as a helpful “how to”. dotTech and its writers are not responsible for any gain or loss (including but not limited to bricked devices) incurred as a result of following this guide. Root your device at your own risk. Rooting may void your warranty.


This root guide is for the ZTE Force 4G LTE running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is specifically for the device ZTE Force 4G LTE.

Take note this will void the warranty of your device. Proceed at your own risk.

Before We Begin

This will work on Windows PC’s only.

You’ll need a micro USB cable.

You’ll need to download and extract the root package to the Desktop on your PC inside a folder named Android-root.

How To Root Device

Turn off your Force 4G, then turn it back on by pressing the volume up+power buttons together. This will boot the device into FTM mode. Once in FTM,  plug your phone into your PC using your micro USB cable.

Open the folder in which you extracted the root package in (located in the Android-root folder on your desktop).  Inside the folder, hold the shift button and right click. Inside the right click menu, click open command window here. Doing so will open up a command prompt window.

Inside the command prompt window, type the command below.


This will begin the rooting process on the device. During the rooting process, your device will reboot. During that reboot, make sure you press and hold the power up button to assure that the device will not boot into normal mode.


Enjoy a rooted a ZTE Force 4G LTE.

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