’10G’ WiFi speed is in the works

Some countries around the world are only getting WiFi and 3G. For many cities especially in the US, they’re already getting 4G and LTE connectivity. For the very few, they might experience the super fast 5G data speed early. But then again WiFi is faster and more reliable. The current WiFi technology is already fast but by 2015, it’s expected connection will be even faster thanks to advancement in wireless standard.

Quantenna Communications is said to introduce a new chipset next year that will allow ’10G WiFi’ speed. If you think 4G and 5G speeds are fast enough, how much more 10G. The new chipset will offer up to 10Gbps of data transfer speeds—the first in the world. Quantenna promises a new generation chipset that will benefit the home, enterprise, and public spaces with faster and more efficient wireless Internet connection, thanks to its 8×8 architecture and enhanced MU-MIMO for less interference during transmission.

At present, Quantenna Communications supplies similar WiFi hardware to telcos like Belgacom, France Telecom, Telefonica, Swisscom, DIRECTV, and AT&T. Obviously, these companies will benefit from the next-gen 10GB WiFi chipset first before other networks receive it.

[via Quantenna]

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