How to root any Nexus device on Linux Or Mac [Guide]

google-nexus-logoJust get a Nexus device and use Linux or Mac? Want to root it but upset that most root tools are just made for Windows? Not to worry! Thanks to a developer from, rooting any Google Nexus device on Linux and Mac is incredibly easy! Soon enough, you’ll have root and a custom recovery installed onto your Nexus device!

Before We Begin

You’ll need to have a micro USB cable standing by.

You’ll need to download the rooting tool to your computer. It’s a bash script, meaning it needs to be executed in a terminal shell.

Download the tool for Linux here.

Download the tool for Mac OSX here.

After downloading place the file inside your home directory.  The file will be named ( for OSX).

Root Any Google Nexus Device On Linux Or Mac OSX With Universal Nexus Linux Toolkit

After you’ve got the script inside your home directory, open a terminal window. To execute the rooting tool, enter the command below.

bash ./ OR bash ./ 

After the script has started, some fairly complex menus will show up. The first of which is a list to select your device. Once you’ve selected your device of choice, another list will appear. This time, asking you what you want to do. If this is the first time you’re rooting your Nexus device follow numbers 1-3. Doing so will unlock it, flash a custom recovery and root it. All with complete instructions.


This rooting toolkit is wonderful as it brings much needed root support to other platforms. For too long Windows has been the sole platform in which rooting a device was possible. With this bash script, that is no longer the case. Enjoy!

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