How to find Easter eggs on websites, by using Konami code [Tip]

The Konami code once unlocked secret cheats on console games. Now the Konami code reveals Easter egg surprises that developers have left on certain websites. Konami code websites have some secret treasures which you can unlock by pressing the following: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B and A.

For example, open the website with any browser. Once the website begins to open, press the Konami code Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B and A. When entered, a dinosaur flashes across the page as in the shot below!

konami code

However, you don’t always have to enter the Konami code to activate it. You can instead add the Konami Code Test Discoverer to the Google Chrome browser from this page. There click on the + Free option, and then restart Google Chrome.

Once you’ve restarted Google Chrome, open the again. A dinosaur will flash across the page soon after it opens. As such, the Konami Code Test Discoverer extension activates the code without you entering it.

There are a variety of Konami code websites. The best site to find them is the Konami code sites page which includes a list of websites where you can unlock it. Note that you should have the Konami code Test Discoverer extension on Chrome before opening that page. This page also includes links to Konami code websites.

The Konami code will activate some interesting Easter eggs. Check out the Konami Code Test Discoverer extension, and then open a few of the websites that developers have included it on. 

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