How to remove or delete app names on Android [Guide]

Is it possible to remove app icon names or labels on Android? The answer is simple, yes. However, such a thing isn’t possible if you just rely on your device’s default options for appearance and personalization. Now, what if you don’t have any advanced knowledge with regards to Android development? Simply put, you’re just aiming for better device aesthetics. Well, you can still make your app icons “label-free”. It doesn’t even matter whether they’re on your home screen or app drawer.

Now, here’s the catch. You will need to replace your device’s default home screen launcher in order for this method to work. Anyways, if you are still cool with this, feel free to proceed and follow the steps below.

Android App Icons without labels

Getting Started

  • On your Android phone or tablet, go to Play Store then search for a replacement home screen launcher app called Epic Launcher. Download and install this app on your device.
  • Once the said app is installed, it will automatically replace your device’s default home screen launcher.
  • Now that Epic Launcher has been successfully enabled as your home screen launcher, all you need to do is to go its main settings. To do this, just find the app icon that states “Settings”. This icon is usually located at the main screen. (see image below)

Remove App Icon Labels

  • On the launcher’s settings page, tap the option for “Desktop” then go to “Icons” > “Label Icons”. Uncheck the option for “displaying text labels below app icons”.

Epic Launcher Settings Desktop

  • Once you’re done, tap the option for “App drawer” then once again, go to “Icons” > “Label Icons”. Uncheck the option for “displaying text labels below app icons”.

Epic Launcher Settings App Drawer

  • After doing the above mentioned steps, do not forget to press the “Tap to set as default launcher” option in the main menu. By doing so, you will be able to use Epic Launcher as your default launcher.

So that’s it. The next time that you check the apps on your home screen, they no longer have those annoying text labels. The same goes to the apps that you have on your app drawer.

Just keep in mind that this method might not work on devices with older Android OS versions. If this is the case, then you can try using an alternative home launcher such as Go Launcher EX.

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