How to add a scroll-to-top button on Chrome [Tip]

If you want to quickly scroll to the top of any page without using the arrow keys or your mouse wheel, you can easily do so by choosing any of the methods listed below. Apparently, these methods will help you browse the web more efficiently. It will also help you save time and effort.

Automatically scroll to the top of page on Chrome

Method One – Use the shortcut key on your keyboard

Did you know that you can easily scroll to the topmost portion of any page on Chrome by simply pressing the shortcut key on your keyboard? This option is great especially if you do not want to install any third-party browser app or extension.

So, if you think that you have scrolled down far enough to back to the top, you can simply press the “Fn + Home” keys on your keyboard. Remember, you must press the keys simultaneously. If you do it properly, the page will automatically scroll to the topmost portion of the page that you’re currently viewing. No need for you to scroll up using the scroll bar or mouse wheel. Plus, it’s way faster.

If you want to quickly scroll down to the bottom-most portion of the page, just press the “Fn + End” keys on your keyboard. This action will do the opposite and will quickly take you to the page’s footer.

Method Two – Install a third-party browser extension

If, for some reason, the above mentioned method fails to work, you can opt to install a third-party extension on your Chrome web browser. Here’s how to make it work:

  • On your Chrome browser, go to the Web Store then download and install the extension called “Scroll To Top”.
  • Once installed, configure the extension’s settings according to your personal preferences. Speaking of which, you can opt to change or update the extension’s vertical location, horizontal location, scrolling speed, visibility, arrow type, icon size, etc. These options are pretty much self-explanatory.

Quickly scroll to top Chrome

  • Once you’re done with the basic configuration, just open a new tab or window then open a lengthy page or post. By scrolling down, the “scroll to top” button will appear and you can find it on the bottom of your page by default.

Quickly scroll to top Icon Chrome

  • Just click on the button whenever you want to scroll back to the top-most portion of the page with ease. What’s even more interesting is that you can also use this button to quickly scroll down to the bottom of the page so there’s no hassle.

By knowing how to quickly scroll to the top or bottom of any page on Chrome, you can avoid the tedious task of scrolling on long pages. Come to think of it, there’s no need for you to search for the home key, drag the scroll bar or hold the arrow up key on your keyboard.

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