How to merge all Firefox tabs into one tab with one click [Tip]

This previous post covered how to merge Google Chrome tabs into a single tab list. As there are fewer open page tabs that frees up RAM. You can also merge open tabs in the Firefox browser.

Tab Grenade is a comparable Firefox add-on with which you can reduce the number of page tabs in your browser without actually closing them. Add the Tab Grenade extension to Firefox from this page. There click on the + Add to Firefox option and the Install Now button. Then you should find a grenade icon at the top right of your Firefox browser as in the shot below.

Tab Grenade

Now open a variety of page tabs in Firefox, and click on the grenade icon at the top right of the browser. Alternatively, press the Ctrl + T shortcut key. That merges the tabs into a single page tab as in the shot below.

Tab Grenade3

Each time you group some tabs with the add-on, it organizes them into tab groups. As such, you can set up tab groups for alternative website categories. For example, open a few alternative search engines and then press Ctrl + T to set up a search engine tab group.
Tab Grenade

You can open each of the tabs in a group separately or simultaneously. To open all the grouped tabs at once, click on the Open all option. Delete tab groups by selecting the Remove all in this group option.

The add-on doesn’t have any additional customization options to select from. Nevertheless, it still gives you a great way to reduce cluttered Firefox tab bars and save a little RAM as well.

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