8 secret Google.com Easter eggs and how to find them [Tip]

You can find Easter egg tricks in software packages, websites and the Google search engine. Google has a variety of Easter eggs that you can unlock by entering specific keywords. Today we have eight of them to share with you. Read on to learn more.

Tilt or Askew

Open the Google search engine page, and enter the keyword tilt or askew. Then click on the search magnifying glass button. That tilts the Google search results page as below.

google easter eggs2

Zerg Rush

This is an Easter egg partly inspired from the space game Star Craft. Enter zerg rush into the Google search box, and then the Google O turns into aliens that gobble up the search result page. Wipe out the aliens by clicking on them.

google easter eggs3


When you enter festivus into the Google search box you’ll find a pole on the left-side of the search results page. If you scroll down the search results you’ll find the pole’s base as below.

google easter eggs4

Webdriver Torso

Enter webdriver torso into the Google text box and click on the search button. That replaces the Google logo, at the top left of the search result page, with random rectangles.

google easter eggs5

Atari Breakout

You can play the classic Atari Breakout game on Google with this Easter egg. For that you should click on Google Image search, and then enter Atari Breakout. Then you can play Atari Breakout as in the shot below.

google easter eggs7

Do a Barrel Roll

Note that this one might not work in all browsers. For example, it didn’t work in Opera when I entered it. Enter do a barrel roll into Google and click the search button. Then the search result page does a barrel roll before showing the links.

google easter eggs

Google in 1998

Enter Google in 1998 into the search box for some nostalgia. That reverts the search result page back to the original Google page. Click on Take me back to the present to restore the current search result page.

google easter eggs6

Blink HTML

Search for blink html by entering that into the Google search box. Then “blink” and “HTML” flash in the search results.

Those are a few of the Google Easter eggs you can enter in the search engine. Apparently there are a few others such as Christmas, let it snow, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. However, they didn’t work in the Opera and Firefox browsers I entered them in. Which is your fave Google Easter egg?

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