How to customize Alt + Tab switcher in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 [Tip]

This post covered how you can add a new Alt + Tab switcher to Windows. If you prefer to stick with the original Alt + Tab switcher, you can still customize it. With Alt + Tab Tuner you can adjust Alt + Tab switcher spacing, margins, thumb size etc.

You can add Alt + Tab Tuner to Windows 7 or 8 from this page. There click on the Download option to save it as a Zip file. Next right-click on the Zip file, select Extract All and choose a suitable extracted folder location. Then click on alttabtuner in the extracted folder to open the window below.


From that window, we can make a number of modifications to the Alt + Tab switcher. To adjust the size of the thumbnail preview windows, drag the Thumbs Size bar upwards. Then click Apply to resize them as in the shot below.


To adjust the spacing between the thumbnails, drag the X and Y bars in the spacing box upwards. Click the Apply button, and press Alt + Tab to open the tab switcher as below. Note how the spacing between the thumbnail previews has widened.


The window includes three bars that customize the Alt + Tab switcher margins. Drag the Top and Bottom bars to expand the margins at the top and bottom of the Alt + Tab switcher as below.. The Side bar expands the margins to the left and right of the thumbnails.


Alt + Tab Tuner also includes an option that adds a classic Windows XP switcher to Windows 7/8. Click on the Old Style Alt + Tab Dialog check box. Then your Alt + Tab switcher will include icons instead of thumbnails.

So you can make quite a few modifications to the Alt + Tab switcher with Alt + Tab Tuner. As a freeware package with minimal system requirements it’s worth noting.

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