How to save a website as MHTML in Chrome [Tip]

By default, you can use Chrome’s “Save page as” option to save a web page in HTML format. This option is good especially if you want to download and edit a page but for archiving pages, you might want to consider the option of saving a page as MHTML.

The advantage of saving a page as MHTML is that it keeps all of the elements intact in a single page file. However, with HTML, only the HTML part of the page is being saved into the file while the other elements (ex. photos, scripts, style sheets, etc.) will be saved into a separate folder. Therefore, if you opt to save a page as MHTML, you get to view it offline on your browser without worrying that some elements would fail to load properly.

It’s just that, by default, this option is missing in Chrome’s “Save page as” option. If you want to save a web page as MHTML (a.k.a. MIME HTML), you’ll have to follow the steps below.

Step One

On your Chrome web browser, type “chrome://flags/” on the address bar (URL bar) then press “Enter”.

Step Two

Enable Save page as MHTML option

On your browser’s “chrome://flags/” page, find the section for “Save Page as MHTML” then click the “Enable” link right below it. Once done, click the “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom of the page to save the changes that you’ve made.

Step Three

After re-launching your browser, click its menu button right below the exit button and then select the option for “Save page as”. For a quicker option, just click “Ctrl + S”.

Save page as MHTML a

A dialog window will appear and it will ask you to save the page as “All Files” instead of “Webpage, HTML only” or “Webpage, Complete”.

Save page as MHTML b

After which, the file will be saved as .mhtml. You can also opt to edit and save it as .mht. If you want to bring back the default “Save page as” options, you’ll need to disable the “Save Page as MHTML” option in the “chrome://flags/” section.

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  • John Mayson

    Thanks, I was looking for this. It appears to have been enabled on my Chromebook already (at least I don’t remember ever doing it) and I was missing it on Windows.

  • Peter C1


    Well Rob I do pretty much agree with You on everything You said (one thing that bugs me about Chrome is that long after ‘The User’ has pressed the STOP/Reload button the webpage is still loading, and another thing that bugs me is that loading a new page may take a looooooooong time just to connect to its destination (let alone load), although this can vary depending on how few or how many extensions You have loaded), although Chrome does have some good features too, and I would be lost without Session Buddy and Ghostery extensions to name but two of a possible many extensions.

    … BUT I DiGRESS, and now to the reason for my reply: Saving as *.MHT / *.MHTML

    At the risk of being seen to endorse a 3rd-party product – albeit a no-cost program, there is another alternative that does save web-pages, in Google Chrome & other browsers too, in *.MHTML format:

    The FREE “SaveAs Plus” by WizBrother dot com DOES WORK on the 5 major web BROWSER’s (“ie”, “Firefox”, “Google Chrome”, “Opera” & “Safari”)

    “SaveAs Plus” does appear to be a little quirky in the way it works with Google Chrome (I use alternative solutions with the other browsers), BUT THE POiNT iS, … THAT IT DOES WORK.

    In Google Chrome it can begin saving, from either a bookmark in the Bookmark Bar or from a right click context menu on the actual web-page.

    Give it a try – after all, it wont cost you anything but time and Your own iSP fees. The version I tried was version 1.3 written way back in 2009 ( so it has been a viable *.MHT Solution for Chrome for quite-a-while.

  • RobCr

    I agree .MHT is the only way we should be saving web pages.
    However I think Chrome is a nasty habit we should all get out of (especially with older weaker PCs)
    Firefox with Noscript is the only safe way to browse.
    However it can get sluggish, so I also have Opera when browsing safe sites.
    One disadvantage was – it did not save as .MHT
    There is a setting hidden away that will make .MHT the default.
    Yell out if anyone wishes info on how to enable that setting.