How to zoom in on Facebook photos [Tip]

Facebook offers a great way to upload and share your photos. You can sort out photos into different albums. You can even edit the viewer or user permissions. It also makes it easier for you to download a photo to your computer. Plus, you can easily choose the photos that you want to use as a profile photo or timeline cover.

Even so, Facebook lacks the option to edit and enhance your photos using various effects and filters. It also lacks the option to zoom any photo by simply placing your mouse cursor over it. If you want to view a photo in a larger perspective, then you will have to click on it first.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy workaround that will allow you to zoom in any Facebook photo by simply hovering your mouse. Simply follow the steps provided below to learn how.

Note: This method will only work on Chrome. You are also required to install a third-party browser extension.

Step One

On your Chrome browser, go to the Web Store then download and install an extension called “Photo Zoom for Facebook”.

Step Two

Once installed, simply log in to your Facebook account using your email and password.

Step Three

Zoom Facebook Photos on Chrome

Hover your mouse cursor over any photo or photo album on Facebook. Aside from your own photos, you can also view the photos that your friends posted on their photo albums and timeline.

That’s it.

You will know if the extension is working because every time you hover on a photo, it will automatically zoom in and become larger. There’s no need for you click on the photo just so you could get a clearer view of it. Apparently, this option is great if you want to savor the quality of high-res images or if you just want to take a closer look at your friend’s new profile photo.

Anyways, the good thing about this method is that you can also customize its settings by using keyboard shortcuts. To do so, just go to your browser’s extensions page (go to Menu > Tools > Extensions) then click the “options” link right below the “Photo Zoom for Facebook” extension. It’s as easy as that.

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