Windows 8 to be released in 2011?

How long has Windows 7 been out, 6-8 months? Apparently Microsoft already has plans for Windows 8. A leaked document by former Microsoft employee Chris Green reveals that Windows 8 may be released in 2011:

(Windows 8 probably won’t be called Windows 8 when it is released.)

The document also gives details on other products such as Microsoft Office 2012 which, not surprisingly, may be released in 2012. Read the full report for more detail.

This is very interesting, very interesting indeed. Of course, it could be a fake leak, or a spiteful employee getting the last laugh at this employer. It is worth mentioning that some of the facts are not correct in the document, such as Windows Vista RTM was released November 6, 2006 not January 25, 2007 and retail was released January 30, 2007 not January 25, 2007. Still, it is very interesting. Feel free to share your comments below.

[via WindowsEight]

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  • Rony

    Microsoft is like Hitler, we must buy Microsoft?
    NO, microsoft is Zero, windows don use 64 bits only use 48 bits, But Linux USE THE 64 BIT , feuw bugs, but mor power full for the cumputer, games, video, programs, etc, etc, Linux have all in one dvd, open office, progras for factory or house.
    Microsoft what?
    one dvd for windows one dvd for office, how many dvd we muast install on the computer?
    LINUX I LIKE IT, we can download Linux for free, windows no, me must have crack.

  • lol768

    Is there any reason why I get redirected to dotTech when I try to visit the site?

  • Caleb
  • @Unicorn02: you mirrored my sentiments exactly. BTW, I just installed Wubi Ubuntu the other day – very nice. Trouble with a total switch for me is my use of RoboForm (and a couple other small programmes I find useful). May have to switch to a different password manager except I’m not keen on the alternatives right now. Ubuntu (Linux) has been very well thought out, it’s a totally viable solution to escape the Microsoft grip…
    Regards – Damian
    P.S. I figured that if you put the 8 on it’s side you have the infinity symbol. Buy that and MS have you forever…

  • Unicorn02

    I don’t know what the fuss is all about. Windows XP will have support until mid 2014. Until then I won’t upgrade.
    To get my personal approval, Windows has to pass these prerequistes:
    1. Use less memory than Windows XP
    2. Smaller installation size than XP (no unnecessary crap).
    3. Faster than XP.
    …. Guess I will go Linux after mid 2014… :-)

  • @Richard: It will be too early to release new version of windows. Windows 7 is already doing great. They should wait for 8 and make it best ever then release it.
    They can release GUI, that will be good

  • jabtano

    Funny I use three OS. xp-vista-win-7 on three different machines.what is even stranger is that I like all three. ok vista being the lest.
    I think the big M is being smart coming out with a new OS. every couple of years, the tech world changes fast and they now have competitors.

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: This is very possible, although I suppose that would depend on the feedback Microsoft gets on Win7 which so far has been fairly positive from what I hear.

  • @Ashraf: I could see that date used for Win7 SP2 though.

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: I agree with you – early 2012 sounds like a better timeframe.

    @Mike Brazil: Very good point.

  • WECH

    I would be more interested if MS release new file system ( WinFS ?) than operating system, the data storage getting bigger and bigger, sophisticate file system would set new standard for technology advancing, like the FAT vs. NTFS.

  • Grr

    Thanks Ashraf, but I won;t buy this that Windows-8 is out in 2011. I would agree if only Windows-8 = Windows-7 sp-1…:lol


  • MerryMarjie

    I’m economically tied to Vista for a while longer so I’d be interested in the true release date of Win8, but this looks a bit dubious.  Let us know when MS gives the official green light!

  • Mike Brazil

    It’s unlikely that Microsoft, an American company, would use the date format shown in the graphic (day/month/year). In the US, the month/day/year format is used almost exclusively.  This makes me suspect that the “leak” is a hoax.

  • Mike

    If I recall correctly, the big M operates on a 3-year cycle for Windows–expect the next in 2012.

  • tejas

    I could see the public beta coming out in 2011……….

  • I personally suspect Windows 8 to come around early 2012 or late 2011 based on the 2 year logic MS used till Vista.

  • David Roper

    Thanks anyway, I’ll wait for the GUI version of Windows 3.31.

  • Adder

    Looks to me as though this could have been a longterm plan, perhaps sent out to certain employees/managers a few years ago which would explain the errors.  Most certainly Windows 8 is already in the works, but a release date barely a year and a half after Windows 7 appeared is very hard to believe.  Personally, I expect to see Win 8 sometime around the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012.

  • Doru

    They want more money,they believe that peoples will be rich after this crisis and they spend money only because appear a new sistem.Also can loock like frivolous and uncertainty.Or only want to test reactions.

  • M

    it looks like rubbish, why should they go with win 8?

  • ha14

    Hope they are releasing a 32bits version, as I heared Microsoft no more interested in 32bits!!! But releasing windows 8 next year means that possible windows 7 has some holes or Microsoft MASTERED WINDOWS TECHNOLOGIES!!!!

  • Richard

    I have yet to fully master any Windows b efore a new one is out.