How to add hotkeys to Firefox reload button [Tip]

The Firefox browser includes a Ctrl + R keyboard shortcut for the Reload button on the right of the address bar, but that’s about it. However, you can add a much wider variety of customizable reload hotkeys with the Reload Plus 4.4.0 add-on. That adds up to eight Reload button shortcuts to the browser.

This is the Reload Plus 4.4.0 add-on page. There click on + Add to Firefox option and Install Now to add it to the browser. Then move the pointer over the Reload button as below.
Firefox reload hotkeys

Now, a small window shows you a list of page reload keyboard shortcuts. They are as follows:

  • Mouse (or F5) = standard reload
  • Ctrl + LMouse (or Ctrl+F5) =override cache
  • Alt + LMouse (or Alt+F5) = load missing images
  • Shift + LMouse (or Shift+F5) = Google cache]
  • Middle Mouse = standard reload (new tab)
  • Ctrl + MMouse = override cache (new tab)
  • Alt+ MMouse = reload all the page tabs
  • Shift+ MMouse = Google cache (new tab)

Of course, you can also customize those keyboard shortcuts. Click on the Open menu button and select Add-ons to open the extension page. Then find the Reload Plus 4.4.0 add-on on that page, and select the Options button to open the window below.

Firefox reload hotkeys2

You can select alternative actions for the hotkeys from that window. Click on the hotkeys’ drop-list menus to select alternative actions for the shortcuts to trigger, such as Reload Non-Pinned Tabs, Reload Pinned Tabs and Reload Unsuccessful Tabs. Then open a few page tabs and press your new page reload hotkeys.

This will be a handy add-on if you reload page tabs often. The keyboard shortcuts give you a variety of additional Firefox page reload options.

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