Quickly and easily translate websites via Google Translate using a bookmarklet

One of the advantages of Google Toolbar is the ability to quickly and easily translate websites using Google Translate. The only problem is most of us despise toolbars (including me) and refuse to install any – from Google or other sources – on our computers. Yet, with the Internet connecting people from all around the world, most of us have probably stumbled upon a non-English website and probably make use of Google Translate to get past that language barrier. So, what would you give me if I told you that you could enjoy the convenience of Google Toolbar’s integration with Google Translate without having to install or use Google Toolbar? (I have always wanted a pretty pink pony; just kidding.)

Translate is a bookmarklet that allows you to quickly and easily use Google Translate to translate websites:

All languages supported by Google Translate are available for you to select to translate to:

Since Translate is a bookmarklet, you don’t have to install anything to use it (i.e. you are not forced to install Google Toolbar). To use Translate, all you have to do is add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks/favorites bar and click on it whenever you want to use it. If you ever want to get rid of Translate, simply delete the bookmarklet from your bookmarks/favorites bar and it is gone – no need to “uninstall” it because you never “installed” it in the first place. You must have JavaScript enabled to use a bookmarklet, though, so if you are one of the people that disables JavaScript you are out of luck. (Most people have JavaScript enabled, so unless you specifically disabled it, don’t worry about it.)

To get Translate, click + drag [Translate] to your bookmarks bar if you are using Firefox, Chrome, or Opera, or if you are using Internet Explorer, right click [Translate], select “Add to Favorites…”, select “Favorites Bar” for “Create in”, and click “Add”.

[via marklets via Cogizio]

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  • Mags

    Google translate isn’t that great. I use Dicter for my translations which is far better and also free.

    You can find it here http://dicter.net/download

  • PCbasics

    @Jyo: Agreed. But sometimes just the convenience of translating the page automatically is nice…..

  • Jyo

    This doesn’t work for chrome… IMO this is better than chrome’s built in one because it doesn’t pop up above and intrude when you don’t need a translation.

  • PCbasics

    Very nice and useful for other browsers (except chrome)

  • LocorocoChan


    Hi folks,

    Just choose ur language bookmarklet here http://translate.google.com/translate_buttons

  • I am using a FF extension gTranslator
    It has a small Icon bottom right, that shows the Google Translate bar, when the Icon is clicked.
    I reckon it is as simple as it gets (aka I like it).
    Now all I need is something that cool for Thunderbird ?

  • Yes, Google Translate is indeed a great online tool although it is not as accurate but yet it comes helpful..

  • RobCr

    Thanks for that.
    I get emails from Winload.de and they are in German.
    I installed gtranslator into Firefox, and just opened the latest email (went to Winload.de website), and it translated it beautifully.
    Now if you want to make me die happy, you could point me to one for Thunderbird.

  • ebony

    I just added gtranslator, and tested it. I am impressed. (that may not be saying much) :)
    I like the fact that it is an extension and all I have to do is right click to use it.
    I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to get freebies but had idea how to fill out the form.
    Thanks for the suggestion Kevin.
    Your reviews are very helpful and I save some of them for future reference.

  • @Giovanni (KING of FREEBIES…LOL!!): But this works on any site.

  • Giovanni (KING of FREEBIES…LOL!!)

    Nice tip but I think that this WORDPRESS plugin  is better and more professional as it has the ability toautomatically translate your website in  48 different languages by using  FOUR different Translation Engines, besides GOOGLE TRANSLATE:  Google Translation Engine, Babel Fish, Promt, FreeTranslations.com


    Ever heard it before?

  • Jeffinprov


  • MikeR

    @RobCr:   As soon as Google Translate became available, I did the usual thing: surfed to it, clicked “add to favorites” in IE,  dropped it into “Links”, renamed it simply to “Translate”  then shifted it from the end of the Links list back up to second place so that it’s second from left in my on-screen Links toolbar. 

    So it was always  a one-button one-click in IE — no need for Google Toolbar or anything else.  Downside: that link only opens the service; it’s then necessary to input the website requiring translation.

    Adding a bookmarklet instead (over writing my existing link) was superior because there’s no need to input the web address for which translation is needed.

    I found it and a handy guide to other bookmarklets here:


  • Jenny

    For those using Opera: if it won’t let you drag and drop the link/button/thingy then hold down the shift key while you drag it to your regular tool bar (the one you type your url’s into)

  • Skye-hook

    @RobCr- what is Ribbon?
    @Ashraf- you might add how to use that translate thing you told about. I did it but couldn’t figure out how to use it. Pretend everyone is about 10 yrs old, for the likes of peeps like me. lol
    So instead I got gtranslate. Hope it works & is easy.  I haven’t restarted browser yet so can’t tell. lol Link is-
    Thanks much for the whole idea, i needed it a LOT. I missed several things lately due to the sites being in mostly German. Didn’t know how to find Google translate.

  • @RobCr: I wanta me twentya dollas… (you hate it). 
    If you use Firefox, right click on an open space (like on the Menu bar) and show the Bookmarks bar.  Right click in the same space and click Customize….Drag the Bookmarks Toolbar Items to the Menu bar, add Flexible Spaces to either side, close the window, dehide the Bookmarks bar, and you now have the Bmarks bar without the bar part.

  • @RobCr: the Ribbon looks too much like toolbars, and you think it sucks.

  • Ralph

    Try Babelfish  Instant Translation add-on for Firefox.
    This can translate anything from a single word to a whole page and has a choice of translation engines (Google or Yahoo) so if one doesn’t give a readable result you can try another. Just highlight the words you want to translate and right click.
    I find it invaluable.

  • RobCr

    Thanks Ashraf, will give it a try, and post back for others who hate ….bars
    Have a happy stress free vacation,
    PS I forgot to mention, there is a $20 prize for all those that correctly guess how I feel about the Ribbon

  • Emrys

    @ashraf….Really man…you do the work and help so many people. I keep resending your posts to my friends time after time. Your ethics and drive for the good is heartening to see in this day and age. Be well and may blessings come upon you and yours.

  • Ashraf

    @RobCr: You can add it to Bookmarks/Favorites and it should do the same thing as far as I know.

  • RobCr

    I too avoid Toolbars.
    And I avoid Bookmark Bars.
    Does that mean I cannot use it ?

  • Ashraf

    @Kevin: gTranslator sounds very familiar… I may have seen it before. Thanks for reminding me – I will look into it.

  • Kevin

    There is also a add-on for Firefox called gTranslator that uses Google Translate.  I installed it when you offered the free program from Ashampoo. Their website is in German and it translated the pages very well.

  • Ashraf

    @Emrys: Okay, lets not everyone go that emotional on me =O. I am not that important – I iz jus’ ah m’an.

  • Emrys

    Again, you come through for us. I am not worthy…

  • @Paul D: I think the exact opposite… I guess the GoogBar isn’t for me, but it certainly is for you!

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: I spy a borg.

    @Paul D: I can’t live without the bookmarks bar =O

    @Adrian: I have Firefox set to Unicode.

    @Wheezer: Yeah, I bet.

  • Wheezer

    It’s surprising how often this little gem has come in handy since I started using it.

  • Ashraf, how come your computer can read Chinese? <o>

  • Paul D

    Actually, I love the Google toolbar, and I think the Bookmarks Toolbar is a waste of space. So this one’s not for me!

  • Sweet, I’ve always wanted a translation bookmark.  Thanks, Ashraf!
    (yes, I realize I wrote the article he linked to :P)