How to perform common Firefox commands with mouse movements [Tip]

The All-in-One Gestures Firefox add-on is one that you can use to execute Firefox options with specific mouse movements. For example, you can open page source code by moving the mouse up, right and down. Consequently, such mouse movements, otherwise gestures, give you an alternative way to select Firefox options.

Open the All-in-One Gestures add-on page here, and click on the + Add to Firefox > Install Now buttons. You should also restart the Firefox browser. Hold the right mouse button and move the cursor up, right and down. Red lines will then appear on the page as below.

mouse movement2

Now let go of the right mouse button, and Firefox’s page source code window will open. That’s just one of the numerous mouse movements you can access Firefox options with. You can select the back button by holding the right mouse button and moving the cursor to the left. Alternatively, to move forward pages hold the right mouse button and move the cursor to the right.

To open the add-on’s options, click the Open menu button and Add-ons. Then press the All-in-One-Gestures Options button to open the window in the shot below. Click on the Gestures Customization tab for a full list of mouse movements that you can select Firefox options with.

mouse movements3

On that tab you can customize the mouse movements. Select one on the list, and then press the Edit Gesture button. Enter D,R,L and U in the text box to customize the mouse movement.

You can also customize the trail line colors. Click on the General Preferences tab and Trail Color box. Choose an alternative color from there, and click OK to close the window. Then the trail with have an alternative color as below.

mouse movements

So forget about Firefox’s hotkeys! All-in-One Gestures gives us entirely new mouse shortcuts to select Firefox options with.

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