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MasterXPasswordXforXDesktopXWindowsNowadays, having a simple password can make you the prime target of data and privacy breach. Before you know it, someone has already used your email, SNS or IM to send spam messages. Not only that, hackers and data thieves can also hijack the rest of your accounts and steal every vital piece of information that you have. To prevent such things from happening, users are now left without a choice but to strengthen the level of their security. One of the best ways to do so is by using a strong and secure password. Speaking of which, you might want to try out Master Password – an offline password generator that helps eliminate the risk and the hassle of remembering difficult and lengthy passwords.

What Is It and What Does It Do

Main Functionality

Compared to other password generators and password managers, Master Password won’t require any additional information from you. It also works offline plus, it flaunts an ingenious password generation algorithm that doesn’t make you dependent on sync, backups and Internet access. It also offers multi-platform support so it will work on your desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows), iPhone, iPad or Android device. With Master Password, you can generate strong and secure passwords on-demand.


  • Secure, easy and convenient to use
    Stable and responsive, highly accessible
    Supports multiple platforms (operating systems)
    Features a unique and ingenious password generation algorithm that is not independent on sync, data backup or Internet access
    Easily generates strong and secure passwords on-demand for any site or account
    It won’t require you to provide more personal data such as your phone number, email address, etc.
    The passwords that you generate aren’t stored on your device so there is no risk of them getting stolen or intercepted
    Features a variety of built-in password types – you can generate a custom password, a PIN, etc.


  • None that I can think of


MasterXPasswordXforXWindowsThe way how Master Password works is very simple and straightforward. Whether you have it on desktop, tablet or phone, all you need to do is to create an account by typing your desired username and master password. The good thing about this tool is that you don’t need to have Internet access to use it. Plus, it’s always in-sync since there’s no need for you send your passwords over the network. You also don’t need to create any backup. This helps lessen the risk of your passwords getting intercepted, stolen and abused. Therefore, your private data and other personal information will remain safe. You also don’t need to constantly deal with trust issues among your cloud storage providers.

So with Master Password, you can easily create strong and secure passwords on-demand. What does this mean? This simply means that you get your passwords only when it is required. They’re not stored anywhere. They’re not even saved to your device. This has been made possible thanks to Master Password’s unique and ingenious stateless password generation algorithm.

To create a password for a specific account or site, you must log in first to your desired account. After which, enter the site (ex. www.facebook.com) where you want to log in then indicate the password length and type.

For password length, you can generate a short four-digit PIN and change its type or combination in many different ways. You can also generate a stronger and longer password and also opt to change its type. With passwords, the maximum password length that you can generate is twenty characters but there’s no limit to the password type.

For Master Password to work, the key here is to remember your account username and master password correctly as well as the name of the sites or accounts that are attributed to your passwords. For as long as you have these details, you can get your passwords regardless of the platform or device that you’re using. So even if the password generator doesn’t link itself to the cloud, you can still generate the same password for the same site on any device. It’s also very stable, responsive and accurate.

All in all, I don’t have any issues with this tool. Master Password is simply one of the best password generators that I’ve tried.

Conclusion and Download Link

Master Password is a must-have for all users. It’s a very useful tool for protecting your data and personal security. What’s great about it is that it helps reduces the risk privacy breach in all forms since it doesn’t store or sync any of your PINs or passwords. Anyways, you won’t be able to know its true worth unless you go ahead and try it out yourself.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: N/A

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix (Java), Android and iOS

Download size: 6.36MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/37

Is it portable? No

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