How to convert text documents into 3D page-flipping ebooks in Windows [Guide]

Flip pages worker for eBook is a software package that converts text documents into 3D page-flipping alternatives. As such, this package converts your static text documents into 3D book formats. You can add a freeware version to Windows that has more limited options and converts just txt files to the 3D format.

To add the freeware version to Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, open this page and press the Download button to save the Zip file. Right-click the Zip file, select Extract All and choose a path for the extracted folder. Then open the Flip pages worker for eBook window in the shot below.

3d document6

Next, click File and select Import Documents to open the window below. There press the Browse button and choose a txt file to open with the software. If you have the premium version you can also open PDF and Word document formats.

page-flipper document

When you press the Import Now button the txt file opens as in the shot below. Click the left and right arrows on the edge of the pages to flick through them. The software includes page flipping sound and 3D effects each time you turn to another page.

3d document2

Below the document there are a few options. Press the Zoom in button to expand the text. Click the Thumbnails grid button to open page thumbnails on the left as below. Then you can flick through the document by selecting the thumbnails.

3d document3

There is also a Book Mark button that you can select to open specific pages of the document. To add them, click the Bookmark tab on the left. Turn to the page you’re going to bookmark, and press the Add button to set up a bookmark for that page. Then you can select that bookmark when you press the Book Mark button at the bottom of the window.

3d document4

On the left of the window there are further options to customize the document. For example, you can adjust the document’s dimensions by clicking in the Page Width and Page Height text boxes. Then enter alternative values there to adjust the dimensions.

3d document5

To save the document, click File on the menu bar. Then select Save Project As, and choose a folder to save the document in.

With this software you can now set up realistic page turning books. With the premium version you can set up a much wider variety of 3D publications. Open this page to check out some of the templates created with this software.

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