How to add sticky notes to app windows in Windows [Tip]

Sticky Notes are one of the accessories included with Windows. With that accessory you can stick notes to the desktop. However, they don’t include any options that stick them to application windows. To add notes to software windows, check out Stick A Note.

Stick A Note is free software available for Windows XP, Vista and 7. You can add it to your software library from the Stick A Note website. On its website, just press the Download From Soft 82.Com button to install it. When you’ve added it to Windows, you’ll find a Stick A Note icon in the system tray just like the¬†image shown below.

Stick A Note

Next, open an application window. Press the Win + N hotkey to open a blank note as in the shot below. You can add text to the note by selecting Edit.

Stick A Note2

Selecting Edit opens the window below. The note editor lacks formatting options for the text, but you can still enter a note for the window. Then press the OK button to add the note to the software window.

Stick A Note3

Now you’ve attached the note to the software window it will remain so when you reopen the package. If you add the note to a browser, it will attach to the page tab. Consequently, you can add a wide variety of notes to the browser by opening alternative tabs and then pressing the Win + N hotkey. In addition, the notes attach to application document windows.

The notes don’t have many customization options. However, you can select alternative background colors for them. Click Settings on any note, and then choose an alternative note color from the menu below.

Sticky Notes3

To customize the note hotkey, right-click the Stick A Note icon in the system tray to open the window below. There are a few keyboard check boxes and a drop-down list at the top of the window. Click on alternative check boxes and select another key from the drop-down list to set up a new note hotkey.

Stick A Note4

Although Stick A Note doesn’t have many formatting options, it’s still a handy note app. With it you can add notes to any software window, browser page tabs and more specific documents. It’s also a portable app that you can save to your USB stick and open on alternative desktops.

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