How to automatically delete all spam messages in Gmail [Tip]

Feeling tired of seeing unsolicited emails in your inbox? Fortunately, Gmail has a quick solution to that. As a matter of fact, it automatically weeds out potential spam messages and then stores them to your Spam folder. Furthermore, Gmail will automatically delete all of the spam messages in your Spam folder every thirty days.

Even so, if you really want to keep your Gmail account free from spam, you can opt to automatically delete all of them the moment they arrive on your Inbox. Anyways, just skip past the break to learn how.

How to automatically delete all spam messages in Gmail

  • Go to your Gmail account. Log in using your username and password.
  • Once you’re on Gmail, go to “Settings”. Just click the gear icon on the top-right area of your inbox.

remove all spam Gmail

  • Once you’re on the settings page, click the “Filters” tab then click “Create New Filter”.

remove all spam Gmail b

  • A small pop-up will appear. Just type “is:spam” on the “Has the words” field then click “Create filter with this search”.

remove all spam Gmail c

  • Confirm your action by clicking “OK” then on the next popup, select “Delete it”. Just leave the other fields blank.

remove all spam Gmail d

  • If ever you have existing spam messages on your Spam folder, you may also click the option for “Also apply filter to X matching conversations”.
  • Click the “Create Filter” button to confirm.
  • So that’s it. Once your filter has been created, all incoming spam messages will be automatically deleted from your Inbox as well as from your Spam folder.

However, such filter will not be applicable to Inbox messages that you have manually marked as “spam”. These emails will still be stored on your Spam folder but it’s already up to you whether to keep them there or not.

By keeping your Gmail account free from spam, you can lessen the number of unsolicited emails and newsletters.

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  • David Z

    I have been trying to find something like this for months. Google mail has a great spam filter but I got tired of seeing dozens and dozens of spam messages that kept coming into the spam folder no matter how many filters I set up. This seems to be working great so far but I just set it up.

  • Laurentiu Neagu

    since I created filters for spam messages from spam folder, I receive more spam and 2 or 4 same messages in spam folder…

  • yfsw

    Thanks! It worked for me! What a relief! I had 6000+ promotional or spam messages I needed to just dump. I still wish Gmail has that same click a button feature next to spam folder like Yahoo does.

  • This is not a bad idea at all. All this does is put what is in the spam folder automatically into your trash folder. You can easily check your trash folder — just as you would your spam — and see if anything got put in there that should not have been. What this does is save you from having to delete from spam _and_ from trash. Rather, everything gets moved to trash and you can delete if you want.

  • It’s certainly working for me. It automatically puts all spam folder material in my trash folder.

  • Lloyd Dale

    This subject of auto deleting all spam the way you show is absolutely not true. It does nothing to delete any spam whatsoever. I tried it and your answer is false .

  • Benjamen Lewis

    Thank you :)

  • M Edward L

    This is a VERY BAD IDEA, as you can be receiving a message from a legit email, say from a job prospect or something you recently signed up for. The Junk Mail folder has a purpose, to filter mail away from your inbox that is “potentially” junk mail. Once you set such a broad “casting net” in your filter, you will most likely lose mail that could be very important.

  • NJRAS5

    You can apply the filter to all existing Spam messages, and it deletes them. Moron.

  • JC TubeTrackr

    A simple way to delete and block future email is to use the Spameo Chrome Extension

  • Raven

    This does NOT tell you how to DELETE ALL MESSAGES IN SPAM. It tells you how to filter them out of your inbox. Moron.

  • PC

    Awesome! Thanks Kent :)