New copy and paste feature in Command Prompt of Windows 10 [Tip]

Have you ever been disturbed by not being able to copy a long command to the Command Prompt with a simple “Ctrl + v” command  in Windows 8, 7, and all the previous versions of Windows? Especially when you want to navigate to a specific folder, you have to type a lengthy direction, and sometimes you might have a typo. You can tell that Microsoft had improved the Command Prompt in Windows 8 by letting users copy commands with a simple right click. But still, you cannot copy commands inside the Command Prompt, and it is painstaking that you can only press the up arrow to go though the previous commands. Now Windows 10 seems to have come up with a solution to all these issues. Let’s go have a look at the new Command Prompt of Windows 10!


With the following instructions you will be able to see a clear difference between Windows 8 and Windows 10.

  • Firstly, we need to open the Command Prompt. You can choose to right click the start menu and select “Command Prompt”. When we try to use the “Ctrl+v” command in Windows 7 or Windows 8, the Command Prompt will look like the screencap below.   Obviously, “Ctrl+v” in Windows 7 and 8 Command Prompts is useless.


  • Now open your Windows 10, and open the Command Prompt.  Clicking on the top left corner of the Command Prompt window, you will see a scroll down menu. Choose “Properties” and go to the dialog box.


  • Go to the section “Experimental” (which does not exist in Windows 7, 8) and check the checkbox “Enable new key Ctrl shortcuts”. Then you will be able to use the “Ctrl+c” or “Ctrl+v” and other types of “Ctrl” commands.


  • In the screenshot, I copied the first line in the Command Prompt and pasted in the command line with “Ctrl+c” and “Ctrl+v”. Also, in Windows 10, you can stretch the Command Prompt windows as wide as you want.  Those of you who like to see the whole command on one unbroken line  can now do so.




The Command Prompt of Windows 10 has combined features from all previous versions and provides users a convenient way to operate command lines.

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