How to use numeric codes to open apps and documents in Windows [Guide]

For an entirely new way to launch software and open documents, add ControlPad to Windows. This is a program that maps numeric codes to applications, documents and system commands. As such, with this freeware software you can open software and document files by entering a specific numeric code.

How to use numeric codes to launch apps and open files in Windows


Press the Download ControlPad button on this page to save the .exe to Windows. Then open the setup wizard to install ControlPad. When you launch the software, you’ll find a ControlPad icon, circled red below, on the system tray.


Now you can begin to enter some codes. Press and hold the * key on the numeric keypad to open the text box in the shot below. There you can enter a variety of numeric codes. If you have a laptop without a numeric keypad, right-click the software’s system tray icon and select Options. Then click Launch Key, select Laptop Mode and press F12 to open the text box.


First, enter some codes for the software’s options. Input 902 in the box above and press Return to open the code list below. That shows you a list of the software’s codes, and any new codes you set up with the program.


To set up your own codes, enter a number and in the input box and then press the / key on the numeric keypad. That will then open the window in the shot below. There you can select a software or document to open with the code by pressing the button on the right. Choose a program or file to open with the code, and then press the Return key.


Press the * key to reopen the code text box. Input your new code to open the software or file with and press Return. The selected software or file will then open.

In addition, you can also enter codes that select system options such as minimize all windows. Input a code in the numeric text box, and press the / key. Then click the bracket button to open a submenu with system option on it as below. Move the cursor to Internal to select the WinMinMinimizeAll option that will minimize all open windows when you enter the code.


So with this software you can now open any program or document with numeric codes instead of selecting shortcuts on the desktop or taskbar. Consequently, you can remove shortcuts to clear up your desktop or taskbar; and open the software/documents with ControlPad instead.

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