How to remove Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 virus [Guide]

Online Game TheftIf you are a seasoned online gamer  (World of Warcraft, DOTA 2, and League of Legends, etc,) you might have spent tons of money on the equipment for your game character, and one day as you log on your account you found that all your valuable equipment was sold and your character had been striped down to nothing. You might hear your friends talk about their bad experience or it may have happened on you. What happened to you is not a coincidence or a bug, but online theft. We talked about Trojans in “What is a ‘Trojan’ virus and what does it do?”Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 is a Trojan virus and is especially harmful for online gamers. Keep reading to learn how to remove Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 virus.

WHAT IS Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 HOW IT WORKS

The above example is caused by this Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 virus, which monitors your activities on your computer and copies sensitive information to send to the hacker, who remotely connects his/her computer with yours. There are several steps taken before Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 starts taking effect on your computer.

  • First of all, you accidentally download the file in some way, perhaps through an email attachment or some other site.
  • Once you open the file which contains the virus Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775, it starts copying itself in the web browser temp folder and releases the Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 virus.
  • Once the Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 virus is released, it changes itself to a hidden system file (if you check the Task manager, you will find the user name for the virus marked as a system).
  • Also, the Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 virus starts to modify the registry key to make it automatically start with your system.
  • Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 has access to some system programs which gather sensitive information in your computer and also is enabled to record your keystrokes, which directly leaks your account information.

HOW TO REMOVE Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775

It is actually quite easy to remove Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775 because it is a known virus.

To remove Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775, you need not have to do anything special — just download a capable anti-virus or anti-malware program and scan your computer to remove Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775. We previously talked about a variety of antivirus software such as Avast Anti-Virus, Malwarebytes and Spyhunter, and they are very effective in removing Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775. You can use any of those programs to protect your computer from online theft of Win32.PSWTroj.OnLineGames.73775.

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