Daniusoft media converter

{rw_text}Giveaway of the day for December 24, 2008 is Daniusoft media converter

Daniusoft media converter was last given out by GOTD on Nov 20, 2008. On Nov 20th 08, the version was I wrote a full review on it. You can access it here. Even though today’s version is, the review is still relevant to today’s giveaway. For convenience’s sake, I will list the Pros/Cons, the free alternatives and the ‘final verdict’ I have on this software on this page. To get more detail you will have to refer back to the earlier review.


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  • You can convert to almost any format.
  • Program can shut down computer automatically if you want to leave conversion over night.
  • Can strip aways DRMs
  • You can extract audio from videos.

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  • Way too few input formats supported.
  • Must restart computer after installation.

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Free Alternatives:
Any Audio Converter
Any Video Converter

PMnet Verdict: The verdict is the same as last time – DMC is a great software. Last time I recommended buying the professional edition for $9 if you have a lot of DRM, but this time around its $19. Still a worthy buy because professional will allow you to have a lot more input formats. Otherwise, Any Audio Converter + Any Video Converter or FormatFactory will do everything DMC does without the DRM stripping – they are excellent programs and they are always free. I personally suggest FormatFactory since it is accomplishes it all in one program as opposed to two.

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