How to add smileys to any chat box in Firefox [Tip]

Some forums have smileys, or emoticons, that you can add to your posts. However, most chat boxes and forums probably don’t have those options. Nevertheless, with the Webmemes extension we can still add a variety of smileys to any chat box.

To get started, simply add the extension to Firefox from this page. Click the + Add to Firefox button to add Webmemes to the browser. Then you’ll find a smiley icon on Firefox’s toolbar as in the shot below.


Now click on that icon to open the pop up window directly below. That includes a range of smileys for you to select from. Click the radio buttons to expand or reduce the smileys. The window also includes a search box that you can enter keywords in to search for smileys.


Next, open a website or forum page with chat boxes on it. The dotTech website includes chat boxes at the end of each post, and you can add smileys to them as shown in the shot below. Just click in the dotTech text box and then select a smiley to add to it. Add a few smileys to the bottom of this dotTech post with Webmemes.


So now you can add a variety of smileys to any chat box. Note that this extension is also available for Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Add it those browsers from the Webmemes home page. For further details, check out this Webmemes video on YouTube.

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