How to use the new touchpad gestures in Windows 10 [Tip]

Finally, Windows supports touchpad gestures universally. By saying “universally,” it means every device with multi-touch trackpad is able to recognize touch gestures in Windows 10. Previously, PC makers get this feature with their own software, which is often not that useful.

In Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9879, you can swipe three fingers down to show the Desktop and stuff like that. Sounds familiar? Yes, there are many gestures similar to the ones on MAC OS X.

Touchpad gestures in Windows 10 Technical Preview

Below is the video demonstrates how to take advantage of touchpad gestures in Windows 10

So here the detail explanations of those gestures.

  • Three fingers swipe down:

    This minimizes all the windows and shows your Desktop.

  • Three fingers swipe up:

    This reverses what you do with three fingers swipe down. If you get a window opened, this gesture will show Task View to let you select other windows and Desktops.

  • Three fingers swipe left to right:

    This shows Task View and you can scan through the opened windows if you keep moving your fingers. Release the trackpad to select a window.

That’s all the new touchpad gesture available in Windows 10 so far. This is a great feature and has worked great for me. Hope there will be more gestures in future builds.

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