How to create strikethrough and tiny superscript texts online [Tip]

In a previous post, you’ve learned how to create strikethrough and superscript texts in MS Word 2007. This time, you’re going to learn how to do it online. This is an alternative method and it will be very handy for users who are using a different word or text editor. You can also use it to format or style the texts that you post online via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, etc.

How to create strikethrough and tiny superscript texts online

Strikethrough texts

  • For strikethrough texts, click here to open the online strikethrough text generator from “PiliApp”.
  • Next, type your text in the text area.
  • Click “Strikethrough” from the menu and then you can immediately view the result in the second text box.

online strikethrough text generator

  • To copy your styled text, click “Copy to clipboard”.
  • You may then paste and share your styled text to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. You may also share it to your website or blog.

Tiny superscript texts

Tiny superscript texts are basically smaller than the standard text size. Contrary to subscripts, this text style will create small letters and numbers above the text line. You can use it to format and style your text posts in Facebook, Twitter and even your IM profiles.

  • To create superscript textsa, click here to open the shrink text tool from “”.
  • Next, type the text that you want to shrink in the first text box.
  • Click “Submit” to transform the text.

online superscript text generator

  • You will see the final result in the second text box.
  • That’s it. All that’s left for you to do is to copy and paste your superscript text. It will work just fine even if you paste it on other social media sites.

Go ahead and give it a try.

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