How to open a window of the same program in separate desktops in Windows 10 [Tip]

I know this title is a little difficult to understand. So I’m explaining it more detail here. Suppose you have a Chrome window opened in Desktop 1. When you are in Desktop 2, you want to open another Chrome window just for this desktop, so you click the Chrome icon in the Taskbar, surprisingly it will take you to the window in Desktop 1. The question is how you can have two windows of Chrome in different desktops.

Here are some solutions. First, you can just go to Start menu, look for Chrome and run it. However, I got a faster way here.

What you need to do is holding Shift key and click the icon on the Taskbar. It will open a completely new window of the program in the desktop you’re in. If you’re working with a touch screen, you can swipe from the bottom of the icon on the Taskbar then tap its name to get the same result.


However, some desktop programs and all Windows Store apps absolutely can’t have more than one opened window. So you must move the window between desktops if you want to work with it in multiple desktops environment.


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