How to hide annoying Facebook posts [Tip]

Not every post that you see on your Facebook feed is good and inspiring. There are also those types of posts that would only make you feel depressed, irritated and annoyed. So why bother reading these posts when you can hide or remove them from your feed?

As a matter of fact, it’s very simple to do. Just read and follow the steps listed in this post.

How to hide annoying those Facebook posts

  • Open Facebook and then log in to your account.
  • Once you’re logged in, go to your feed. If you don’t know where your Facebook feed is, just click “Home” on the top navigation bar.
  • Once you see your feed, find a post that you want to remove or hide.
  • Click the small arrow on the top-right section of the post.

Hide annoying FB posts

  • In the list of options, select “Unfollow”. By doing so, you will be unfollowing the user who made the post. So whatever he/she posts, it will not appear on your feed. If you only want to limit the type of posts that you see from that user, you may select “I don’t want to see this” and the post will be automatically hidden from your news feed.

Hide annoying FB posts b

  • Nonetheless, the posts will still remain visible on the user’s Timeline since you have no control over it.
  • Needless to say, this option will definitely come in handy especially if you have a Facebook friend who posts a lot of annoying status updates (ex. game statuses, hate messages, disturbing pictures, etc.). So instead of removing your friend from your friend’s list, you can just opt to unfollow him or her.

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