How to add the DCOUNT function to Excel spreadsheets [Tip]

DCOUNT is one of Excel’s database table functions. This is a function that counts records in a database that meets the criteria. For example, the function can count how many numbers in a table are above a specified value.

As an example set up a spreadsheet with one column containing the numbers 33, 44 and 56. Add the title scores to the top part of the column. In another column enter scores in one cell and >50 in the cell that’s located directly below. It should be similar to the data shown in the spreadsheet sample below.


Now choose a cell to add the DCOUNT function to. Press the fx button beside the function bar, and then select DCOUNT. That opens the window in the shot below.


First, click the button that you can find beside the “Database” text box then go to the Scores column with the three numbers in it. Then select the Scores cell at the top of that column for the Field box. For the Criteria box select the Scores column with the criteria >50 as below. The DCOUNT syntax is =DCOUNT(database,field,criteria).


Press the OK button to close the window. Then the DCOUNT cell will have a value of one in it as shown below. Thus, there’s one cell in the selected database column that eclipses the 50 value.


So this is a handy data analysis function for Excel tables. You can add the said function to Excel versions 2010 and 2013, Excel Starter and Excel Online spreadsheets. This YouTube page also includes a DCOUNT video.

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