How to add a scroll marker to web pages in Chrome [Tip]

Scroll Marker is an extension for Google Chrome. That’s an extension which adds a scroll maker to the bottom of a website page. The marker moves as you scroll down the website page so that you can keep better track of your place on the page.

You can add Scroll Marker to Google Chrome from this page. Click the + Free button to add this extension to the browser. Then you should find a Scroll Marker button on the toolbar as in the shot below.

Scroll Marker3

Now open a website page, and press the Scroll Marker button. That will add a scroll marker line to the bottom of the page as shown below. When you scroll down, or up, the scroll marker line will move with the page.

Scroll Marker

To select an alternative color for the marker line, right-click the Scroll Marker button and select Options. That will open the tab in the shot below. Click the marker palette to select an alternative color and press the Choose button.

Scroll marker2

Below that are a few drag bars to further customize the scroller marker with. Drag those bars to adjust how far off the bottom of the page the scroll marker is and the marker scroll delay. You can always restore default settings by pressing the reset to defaults button.

So this extension is a handy aid for scrolling Web pages. With it you can now keep better track of your position within website pages.

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