How to use ISODD and ISEVEN functions Excel spreadsheets [Tip]

Excel 2010/13 has a range of functions you can add to spreadsheets. Some can provide you with details about cell details. For instance, you can add the ISODD function to a spreadsheet cell to find out if a referenced cell includes an odd or even value.

First, enter a number in the Excel spreadsheet. Then click a cell to add the ISODD function to. Click the fx button, and select the ISODD function. That will open the function’s window below.


Press the button beside the Number text box. Then select the cell you entered the number in. Press the OK button to close the window. The function cell with now include either TRUE or FALSE.


If the cell includes FALSE that means that the value in the referenced cell is even. If it shows TRUE then the value in referenced cell is odd.

Alternatively, add the ISEVEN function to a cell. Click a cell for the function, press the fx button and select ISEVEN. Then select a cell with a number in it, and press the OK button to close window. If it’s an even number in the cell the function will include TRUE instead of FALSE.


So with these functions you can now find out whether a cell value is odd or even. This YouTube video provides further details for the ISODD and ISEVEN functions. 

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