How to print anything as PDF in Windows 10 [Tip]

While getting rid of the old stuff, Windows 10 is also adding many more new features.

One of the latest features found in Windows 10 build 10041 is the ability to print anything to a PDF file. That means you no longer need to install any third-party program or software to do this task.

In Windows 10 TP build 10041, “Print as a PDF” is installed as a system printer. Therefore you’re able to print anything – text, pictures, webpage – as a PDF file from the print dialog.

To print a document as a PDF, what you need to do is simply choose “Print as a PDF” in the printer list then click Print.



So that’s it. You can print documents, photos, text or even web pages as PDF.

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  1. Tu Nguyen

    Interesting question Drvajra. I would use the phrase “save as PDF” so you can clearly see the real purpose of this feature. There are so many times that you need to save something as a PDF file FOR SHARING because the format itself has many advantages, such as security, cross-platform, free readers, etc.
    For example, I send out a PDF document to someone, and if they edit it, I’ll know because in PDF format, any edit leaves a trace. So PDF is used more like about sharing than printing with the printer.
    Hope this help!

  2. drvajra

    Tu, why would one want to print something as a pdf? When it is printed by the printed, it will be just like a word document or anything else. Why then print as pdf?
    Thanks for your advice.