How to block the Facebook News Feed in Chrome [Tip]

Facebook can hinder productivity especially when being used for personal and leisure purposes. For example, instead of working on your pending tasks, you get tempted to check Facebook. You get to see the updates that your friends posted on your News Feed. So instead of getting back at your task, your focus got diverted and you end up spending hours checking the posts that you find on your Facebook news feed.

It’s not really a good habit especially if you’re striving to meet deadlines as well as boost your productivity.

If you really can’t resist checking Facebook, perhaps it would be best to block or hide the news feed so you don’t get to see anything. The idea is if you don’t see anything, then you won’t feel tempted to click.

How to block or hide the Facebook News Feed in Chrome

  • On the Chrome Web Store, download and install “Kill News Feed”.
  • After installing Kill News Feed, you don’t really need to configure or update its settings. It will just work as it is.
  • So what’s next? Just open a new tab or new window and then go to your Facebook account.

block or hide Facebook News Feed Chrome

  • As you can notice, your Facebook News Feed has been replaced with a message that says “Don’t get distracted by Facebook”. It will serve as a reminder that you should be focusing on your task instead of checking your social media streams.

Now, if you want to restore your Facebook News Feed, just disable the extension by going to your Chrome extensions page.

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