How to install Android 5.1 LMY47I Lollipop Factory Image in Google Nexus 5 [Guide]

Nexus-lollipopThe official Android 5.1.0 factory image is up for grabs for the Google Nexus 5. As you probably know already, the Mountain View phone giant is always releasing new software updates for their handsets first. Since software updates play an important role in keeping consumers happy, they do it to keep you on their side. If you would like to jump the waiting line for the OTA release, you can do that by installing the factory image by using the guide after the jump. Here’s how to do that:


You must have the Google Nexus 5 to follow this guide. Do not flash this factory image on a different nexus device. Each image is unique and flashing the wrong one can brick your handset.


  • You must setup Android SDK on your Windows computer.
  • Follow the guide from the Android SDK link above to set it up properly. You want to extract the contents of the file to the C: partition on the computer.
  • Run the Android SDK so that the latest drivers for that are working and other SDK packages.
  • Download the Google USB Drivers from here.
  • Those with root access will lose that after flashing this official software update.
  • You must backup your data before starting or else you will lose it. Installing a factory image wipes your ROM clean.
  • You ought to enable the USB Debugging Mode from the Developer Options menu.


  1. Download the Android 5.1 LMY47I Lollipop Factory Image here.
  2. Download and extract the file to the desktop of the computer.
  3. Boot the Nexus 5 to bootloader mode.
  4. Open the folder where you extracted the factory image and launch the Command prompt by right-clicking the mouse and holding down the Shift button on the keyboard.
  5. Connect the device to the computer with the USB cable.
    From the command prompt, type ‘adb devices’ to check that your device is connected.
  6. If you don’t see it as connected you want to re-download the Google USB drivers for that device to the computer, restart the computer and try again. Without restarting the new drivers will not take effect.
  7. Now look inside the extracted folder and double click the  flash-all.bat file to launch it.
  8. Wait for the factory image to finish installing.
  9. Now reboot the phone and you’re all done!

Remember: those of you looking for root access from this point will want to look for the guide for LMY47I firmware. Do not use the same guide for the 5.0 Lollipop factory image. Google can patch the previous exploits and you can brick your device.

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