How to root all Galaxy S6 models and install TWRP Recovery [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S6The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a few rooting methods already and you’ll find many of those on our site that use Chainfire’s CF-Auto-root tool. Chainfire’s work is always great, but it requires a unique file each time. The Galaxy S6 comes with the same chip inside for all models and we can take advantage of that now with root access via SuperSU. You can also expect heaps of cool custom ROMS coming in the future that are available for all models because of the convenient chip.


You need to use the Galaxy S6 and no other smartphones like the S5 or S4. You can use the Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F (International), SM-G920I (common across the US, Central and South America, Australia, India and more), SM-G920T (T-Mobile), SM-G920P (Sprint), SM-G920R4 (US Cellular), SM-G920W8, SM-G920W8 in Canada , the Chinese models including Dual-SIM variant SM-G9209, SM-G9208, SM-G9208, the Koreans models including  SM-G920S, SM-G920L, SM-G920L.


  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers for mobile phones from our page. Scroll down that list to see the Samsung name.
  • You want to turn on the S6, navigate to Settings > Developer Options and enable the USB Debugging Mode. Those without the Developer Options menu can unlock that by tapping the build number seven times available at the About Device menu.
  • You are voiding the warranty by following this guide. You can always unroot your device which usually involved flashing stock Android back on Samsung devices, but you’ll need to investigate further if your warranty is vital to you.


Download the following files to the desktop of the Windows PC:

  • Download Odin from here.
  • Download the SuperSU from here.
  • Download TWRP recovery from here for most, or here for Sprint subscribers.
  1. Connect your S6 to the Windows PC with the USB cable and transfer the SuperSU zip file to the root of your SD card.
  2. Extract the Odin file and double click the Odin extractable file inside to start running the program. Leave it open and we’ll come back to it.
  3. Extract the TWRP recovery file so it’s unzipped and you can use the contents. We are loading that soon.
  4. Unplug the S6 from the computer and completely power off by holding the power button for 6 or 7 seconds before releasing.
  5. Now boot it up in Download Mode.
  6. Look inside Odin for the ID: COM port picking up your S6 smartphone–it should change color and say connected. If not you want to try installing Samsung USB drivers, reboot and try again.
  7. Click the AP button inside odin and upload the TWRP recovery image from the desktop.
  8. Click the Start button and wait for that recovery image to finish flashing to your device.
  9. You’ll get the ‘Pass” message inside the log on the left.
  10. Now unplug from the computer.
  11. Completely power down the S6 by holding down the power key again.
  12. Reboot the S6 in recovery mode: Home + Power + Volume Up this time.
  13. Once inside recovery, tap the “install’ option from the main menu.
    Upload the SuperSU file you transferred earlier.
  14. Go back to the main recovery menu and select reboot > system and your S6 will reboot with root access.

Now you have root access and the TWRP installed ready for flashing a custom ROM or installing root-requiring apps from Google Play.

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