How to add a Themes menu to the toolbar in Firefox [Tip]

To open Firefox themes, you would usually select Open menu > Add-ons. It would be better if you could select themes directly from the toolbar. You can do exactly that with the Themes Menu add-on.

First, open this page to add Themes Menu to Firefox. You’ll need to place the extension’s button on the toolbar. Click Open menu > Customize and then drag the add-on’s icon onto the toolbar. Alternatively, you can also open the add-on from the Tools menu. Press the Themes Menu button on the toolbar to open it as below.

Themes Menu

The toolbar button opens a menu that includes all your themes. So click on a theme to select it from that menu. Selecting Default restores the browser’s default theme.

Press the Open menu button and select Add-ons to open your extension list. Then press the Options button beside Themes Menu to open the window below. That includes a few extra options to configure the menu with. For example, by selecting Preview Personas you can can preview the themes by moving cursor over them on menu. On the add-on’s page it says not to select that option for Firefox 29 and above, but even though I’ve selected it the extension still works fine.

Themes Menu 2

So with Themes Menu you can now quickly select and preview alternative Firefox themes directly from the toolbar. Open this page for further Themes Menu details.

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