How to install a Custom Recovery on XOLO Q3000 [Guide]

XOLO Q3000So you have unchained your XOLO Q3000 away from the factory restrictions by following our tooting guide, but you don’t yet have a custom recovery installed. All you need to do now is follow this guide below to equip your XOLO handset with a custom recovery image that is your gateway to flashing a custom ROM. Keep in mind that you don’t need to install a custom ROM, you can have a custom recovery running for other reasons too such as taking a NANDroid backup. That is the easiest way to take a complete snapshot of your stock or custom ROM.


  • You should have followed our how to root XOLO Q3000 guide before starting this guide for the recovery.
  • You are voiding the warranty by rooting or installing a custom recovery. It is possible to unroot and take the XOLO handset back to stock Android. Doing that should return the warranty status so you can send it away for free repairs.
  • Enable the USB Debugging by heading to Settings > Developer Options > check the USB Debugging box. You can unlock the Developer Options menu if you don’t see it in the Settings by tapping the build number seven times.
  • You need to have a Windows PC to use the MTK Tools package that we have today.


  1. Download MTK Droid Tools to the computer desktop.
  2. Connect the XOLO Q3000 to the Windows PC via the USB cable.
  3. Extract the MTK Tools file by right-clicking the mouse and choosing to extract it.
  4. Click and run the MTK Tools program on the computer.
  5. Select the root, backup and recovery menu from inside.
  6. Choose to use the boot from phone.
  7. Now you must tap “yes” on the display three times before it eventually flashes with your custom recovery.

That’s all there is to it! Now you are ready to check out the new set of options inside recovery mode as it takes you inside there now.

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