How to fix slow WiFi on Samsung Galaxy S6 [Tip]

galaxy-s6Last year’s Galaxy S5 was enough of a flop for the head of design to get fired. The¬†South Korean smartphone giant hasn’t made the same mistake again in 2015 with the S6. Many are calling the S6 the best smartphone of the year. While the best phone of the year is easily debatable, the slow WiFi issue on the Samsung Galaxy S6 certainly isn’t.

Here’s how to fix that:


Reset the network on your S6 smartphone

1. Turn on the Sammy S6 and unlock the passcode if you must.

2. Navigate over to the Settings menu.

3. Tap on the WiFi option from the menu and check that it does say it’s working.

4. Now long press on the WiFi option and choose to delete that network.
– it’s important to make sure you have your WiFi network details before you delete or else you will be left with nothing!

5. Now we are going to create that same WiFi network again and hopefully remove the bugs within the system.

6. Tap on the WiFi connection once more and wait for it to detect your network. It should do that automatically, but you will need your WiFi password to connect that.

7. Enter the details of your internet provider has given for your WiFi password and it will now create that connection.

So you followed that guide above but it didn’t solve your problem. Don’t worry, we can try a few more things. Sometimes resetting the internet connection can help your WiFi on the smartphone even though this is considered a smartphone issue and nothing to do with your home network.

Reset the home WiFi network

1. Look around your home and locate the router (some of you might know this as the modem).

2. Collect a paper clip.

3. Hold the paper clip in your hand and look for a small round hole just large enough to fit the paper clip in.
– this is the reset button for your router that’s very handy if your network is clogged in general. You don’t lose any data with this.

4. Press down in the hole with the paper clip and wait up to ten seconds for a click sound. That means it’s reset.

5. Now navigate to the Settings app on your S6 smartphone and disconnect and reconnect the WiFi and see if that helps.

Factory Reset the Samsung Galaxy S6

1. If none of the above have fixed your slow WiFi issue on the smartphone you should take the last resort option of a factory reset.

2. Understand that you lose all data you haven’t backed up on the Galaxy S6 by factory resetting it. You can backup the smartphone and then restore that data after you perform the factory reset.

3. Turn on the S6 smartphone.

4. Navigate to Apps > settings > Backup & reset > Reset device > Erase everything.

5. Completing that path is hard resetting the device.

6. Once done, take control of your Google account and set up the smartphone again like you did for the first time when you bought it.

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