How to save and open editable text fields as notepads in Firefox [Tip]

Blogs and forums include editable text fields and areas. What you can’t do with those text fields is save them and load text files. But you can always add the Save Text Area extension to Firefox that adds file open and save functionality to editable text fields much the same as a notepad applications.

Add Save Text Area to Firefox from this page. Then open a page with an editable text field on it. For example, there’s an editable text area at the bottom of this post.

Right-click the text field to open the context menu. Now it will include a Text option at the bottom. Select that option to expand the submenu as shown below.

Save text fieldsThere you can select a Load From File option. Click that option to load a text file from one of your folders. Note that it must be a txt file format. Then it will open in the editable text area as below.

save text fields2

Save As is another option you can now select on the text field’s context menu. As such, you can save anything entered in the text field. Click Save As and then enter a title for the file to save it to a folder.

Save Text Area is a relatively basic, but handy, add-on. With it you can now open documents directly from text fields to share them on forum posts. Its Save As option might also come in handy as a text-recovery tool if a forum post isn’t effectively submitted.

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