How to install and uninstall apps on Apple Watch [Guide]

Apple Watch deleteThe Apple Watch is the latest craze to come out for the fruit company and so far it’s having more success than many were anticipating. Many popular website editors and CEO’s labelled it as nothing more than a fad, but recent sales reports are suggesting it’s anything but a gimmick. If you are one of the many people falling in love with Apple’s smartwatch, you might be wanting to learn how to install or uninstall apps on Apple Watch. Here’s how to do that:


You will need the iPhone you have to work with the watch and the Apple Watch to complete this task. Make sure both iOS devices have enough battery power to see through the exercise without them shutting down.



  1. Turn on the Apple Watch and iPhone of your choice (It has to be one of the iPhones that works with Apple Watch. That doesn’t include some of the other models).
  2. Open the Apple Watch dedicated app on the iPhone.
  3. Look under the ‘My Watch’ list and observe all the apps that are compatible with the smartwatch.
  4. Choose the application from the list that you wish to install.
  5. From the next screen, choose to turn on the option for ‘Show App On Apple Watch’ when it gives the available toggle to do so.
  6. Now look on the Apple Watch for that same app to be installed. Now you can use it!


  1. Open the same Apple Watch app from the iPhone again.
  2. Tap your finger over the app you wish to delete.
  3. Turn off the option to ‘Show App On Apple Watch’ from the toggle option on the next screen.
  4. Alternatively, you can just view the app on the Apple Watch, long-press your finger over the app you want removed.
  5. Now you get a little ‘X’ on the display, tap the ‘X’ to delete the app.
  6. Removing the app from either way listed above does completely uninstall the app and you get the extra memory available that otherwise was being used by the app.

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