How to download free apps in iOS without a password [Tip]

Apple Store logoThe following post teaches you how to download apps free in iOS without a password. Nowadays, most of us find the apps useful whether it be for playing games and filling in time, or helping us with the daily tasks of a more serious nature with work and chores around the home. There are plenty of apps available for free — some come with in-game purchases and make revenue that way while others are just up for grabs. However, we usually always have to pin in a password before the app store allows us to download the apps. Not anymore. Here’s how to download the apps without requiring a password:


  • You need to be running the latest version of iOS 8.3 (available from May 2015) to use this guide as the feature isn’t available in past versions of Apple software updates.
  • You can download the apps without a password using the guide below on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Keep in mind that the latest iOS 8.3 software update only works with most newer iOS devices and isn’t made for the first and second-generation iPhone.


1. Turn on your iOS device of choice and navigate to the Settings app.

2. Open the Settings up with the tap of your finger over the icon.

3. Find the title “iTunes & App Store”.

4. Search for the choose “Password Settings” under the Apple ID username.

5. Scroll down the list for the ‘Free Downloads’ option and toggle the “Require Password” off.

Now you can navigate back out from the Settings and the new settings you input will remain until you go back where you were and change them. For example, to turn the password back on again, simply follow the same route and toggle the switch on and not off.

Since you toggled the require password switch to off, you no longer need a password to download any free apps. Enjoy!

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