How to show list of Apps on Mac OS X [Tip]

MacBook ProYou probably already know that apps are not just available for mobile-based devices such as smartphones and tablets, Yes, they too are available on a more subtle scale for computers. Sometimes people simply refer to them as programs or tools and not applications, but often they are one and the same thing. So, what if you want to view the complete list of apps that you have installed on your Mac computer? Here’s how you to view the list of applications on Mac:


You’ll need the Mac laptop or computer along with the keyboard to punch in a command.


1. Turn on the Mac and have the keyboard plugged in as a peripheral device.

2. Command+Shift+A from the OS X finder. Doing so takes you directly to the apps folder.

3. Click the mouse over the ‘view’ menu and then choose the ‘List’ option to make the apps view-able as a complete list.

4. Those preferring a different method can open the Launchpad and browse from the Applications folder.

5. If you are an advanced Mac user and need to search more thoroughly you can bring up each app extension that’s on the computer by using the command line.

6. Type the command: “sudo find / -iname *.app” which will search through every directory for every user assigned to the Mac and bring up everything with the .app extension.

Finding the complete application list on your Mac is valuable if you wish to delete a problematic app. You may also find some useful applications you forgot you had hidden away!

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