How to enable/disable Stand Reminder for Apple Watch [Tip]

Stand Up reminderEarlier this week in the news experts recommended we stand for at least 2 hours a day if you are a typical office worker. For most,that amount is unrealistic as most office work requires us sitting down and producing the goods that way. Just because you cannot find your way to the 2 hour mark doesn’t mean you should give up altogether. owners of the Apple watch can bask in a bevy of new fitness tracking features and one of those is settings a reminder for standing up so you don’t have to remember when doing that yourself.


  • The Apple Watch
  • The iPhone you have paired with the Apple Watch


1. Turn on the iPhone you have paired with the Apple Watch and open the Apple Watch application.

2. Navigate to the “My Watch” menu and choose “Activity”.

3. You’ll see two main options up high on the next screen: Show in Glances and Stand Reminders. You want to choose the Stand Reminders option.

4. Using the usual swipe gesture, toggle the switch over to the “On” position which is displayed in green once done. Swiping to the right gets that done.

Now you have the Stand Reminders feature working which means it will give you a friendly nudge every hour to get up and move around. There’s no current way to choose how many times you want to stand for the day so it’s either accept the nudge once an hour or toggle the option back off again. To do that, simply follow the same instructions, but toggle the switch to the off position and not the on position.

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