How to convert any image into ASCII art online [Tip]

convert image to ASCII art online dIn a previous post, you’ve learned how to convert any text into simple ASCII art. This time, you’re going to learn a similar process but for converting images into ASCII art. The good thing about this is that you can even generate ASCII art from any image or picture with color.

So without further ado, go ahead and read on.

How to convert any image into ASCII art online

  • Launch your web browser. You may use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.
  • Next, go to the homepage of “Picascii”. It’s a free online image to ASCII art generator.
  • Once you’re on the Picascii homepage, click “Choose File” to upload the photo from your computer. It should be in GIF, JPEG or PNG format and must not exceed the file size limit of 1 MB or 1000 Kb.

convert image to ASCII art online

  • Alternatively, you may use an image from the web. Just copy and paste the direct image URL on the field provided.
  • Next, select your preferred picture quality size. The smaller the size number is, the smaller your ASCII art will be. You also won’t be able to see much of the art details. Remember, choose a size that’s not too small or too large. For a larger and clearer view, you can set the size to 6 or 5.
  • Moving on, you may also choose to check the option for “Color”. If you do this, then the ASCII art that you will get will be in full color.

convert image to ASCII art online b

  • Once you’re all set, just click the “Generate” button and the result will be automatically displayed on the preview area.

convert image to ASCII art online c

  • Just click the “Get the CODE HTML or TXT version” link to copy the ASCII art as HTML or TXT. Just follow the directions stated.
  • You may also take a screenshot of the output ASCII art if you want. That way, you can save the ASCII art as a JPG or PNG image.

That’s it. You’re done.

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