How to wake, lock or unlock Apple Watch [Tip]

Apple WatchIf you are still debating whether to buy the Apple Watch or not, hopefully tutorials such as this twist your arm and take away any of the hassle that you might associate with getting to know a new device. Four of the most basic functions you’ll need to know after buying the Apple smartwatch include powering it on, waking it up, unlocking and locking. Today I’ll walk you through each of the four Apple Watch options right after the jump.


  • You’ll need the Apple Watch
  • The iPhone that you have paired with the Apple Watch


  1. Power Up: The first thing you need to learn is how to turn the fruit companies watch on so let’s run through that option first. Press the button on the side of watch until you see the traditional Apple logo appear. Now it’s powering up.
  2. Wake: Waking is the next best thing to completely powering it up. If your Apple Watch goes to sleep, you’ll need to lift up your wrist while wearing the watch and gently tap the display.
  3. Due to the watches built in intelligence, the Apple Watch will automatically go to sleep when you lower your wrist. Many people had concerns over the battery and how much of a role it would play in creating a poorly made watch. Apple has done their best to eliminate that as an issue with extreme sleep. That being said, it is quite resourceful and gives it a futuristic modern-day feel by only using it when you need.
  4. Lock: Here’s the part where you need the iPhone you have paired with the Apple Watch. Turn on the iPhone and open the My Watch tab from the iPhone Springboard. Tap the Passcode option from the list to turn the passcode option on and now select the passcode you wish to have for the watch. It works in the same manner as your iPhone passcode if you’ve ever played with that
  5. Unlock: So you don’t have to keep unlocking two separate devices, you can unlock the Apple Watch from the iPhone. Navigate to the My Watch > Passcode > Unlock with iPhone and move the toggle over to the “on” position. Now it will automatically unlock with the iPhone.

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